02 The Passion to Write

Released On: September 16, 2015

Episode Two: The Passion to Write

Passion for writing is important. It’s what keeps you working through the tough times, and what inspires you during the best times. The guys discuss their own passion, and share stories of their writing experiences.

  • Much of the guys’ early work was ‘pantsed.’ They made it up as the went along.
  • Even though it took Johnny 12 years, he released his first book.
  • Unicorn Western was the picture of great creativity, and it was the product of a great outline.
  • The Beam was another project where the guys’ love of writing and systems began to really influence their work.
  • Axis of Aaron was a more literary book. It might not sell as much as Yesterday’s Gone, but it was the love of writing that led them to create it.
  • The guys were getting better and better at directing their passion and efficiency through beats.

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