The Pity Par-tay Flash Fiction Contest

By Heather Thompson

I want to give my Par-tay Peeps lots of time to work on the biggest contest of the Pity Par-tay, so lets get this one fired up!

You folks probably know The Boys are known for their mashup stories like Chupacabra Outlaw (now Cursed) and the fabled Unicorn Western.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pick a thing from Column A, and a thing from Column B, and mash them into a story. It can be funny, scary, crazy, whatever you like. Except erotica, please don't make me read erotica at work. That would be weird.

You have a week to write your story, post it to your site/blog/page, and give us the link by adding it to our Smarter Artist Facebook group file, which will be marked Pity Par-tay Flash Fiction Contest. (Find this in the Smarter Artist Facebook group, Files are on the left.) Also, you need to add a link to your story post on your site linking back to our page at

The winner will be announced 2-3 weeks after the contest closes, depending on how many of you folks make me read your insanity, and other random variables. 😀


Genre: Any except erotica please
Length: 1200-1500 words
Due Date: May 1st, 2017
Requirements: In your story post blurb, include your 2 “things” mashed up and the link to this page. Add the link to your story on your site/blog/page to our FB group file, as mentioned above, or I can't know to check out your story!
The Prize: I'm not telling! But it will be announced at the end, and trust me it's good!!!

Column A

giant bugs
hot chocolate
classic rock music
a backpack
a group of writers
a dragon
the best chocolate cake ever
mysterious pills
the neighbor's dog
an evil parakeet
a notebook full of weird writing
a magical pen

Column B

an explosion
a love affair
a car accident
the chosen one
in space
at yoga class
mistaken identity
accidental accountant
on a plane
revenge plot
in Austin, TX
lost in the woods
it's a fake!


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