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New Intergenerational Domestic Thriller from Ninie Hammon

The Gap by Ninie Hammon Ninie Hammon fans rejoice in this new doorstop of a stand-alone domestic thriller. Clocking in at 462 pages of twists, turns, double-crosses, backstabs, and buried secrets, The Gap will keep you up late at night reading to the very last page. In the sprawling Harrington House on the Texas prairie,…

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Vered Ehsani Begins a New Near-Future Sci-Fi Series with The Nexus

The Nexus by Vered Ehsani Versatile author Vered Ehsani has turned her talents to bringing a brand new near-future sci-fi series to life: Into The Afroverse. The Nexus, set in the wilderness near Vered’s own home in Kenya, is book one in this exciting new series. Destiny calls. But who will answer? Leading a secret society…

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New Dark Urban Fantasy Thriller from Sean Platt and David Wright

The Secret Within by Sean Platt and David W. Wright Platt and Wright fans who have been waiting for them to dive back into the dark urban fiction category will be gratified by the release of this new dark urban fantasy thriller. From the best-selling author team that brought you Yesterday’s Gone, Available Darkness, Karma Police, ForNevermore, and more, comes a…

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