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Beloved Author and Screenwriter Ninie Hammon Joins Sterling & Stone

Sterling & Stone is delighted to announce that Ninie Hammon has joined our stable of full-time storytellers. Ninie has been writing her entire life, starting her career as a journalist in Kentucky, where her stories ranged from nudists in the woods getting chased out by chiggers (bloodsucking mites), to prize winning pigs, or the alarming…

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Renowned Story Guru Bonnie Johnston Joins Sterling & Stone

Story Guru and award-winning author Bonnie Johnston has signed on to work exclusively with Sterling & Stone as our Head of Story. Bonnie’s been obsessed with story since before she can remember, and has spent most of a lifetime mapping out the emotional beats of the stories she’s both created and consumed, endowing her with…

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Sterling & Stone Closes Its Education Arm

After seven years serving the indie publishing and writing community, Sterling & Stone is closing its education arm to focus on full-time fiction. While we’ve been generating best-sellers since our breakout hit Yesterday’s Gone in 2011, the author community knows us best for the Self-Publishing Podcast and the best-selling guide to indie publishing: Write. Publish.…

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