Best-selling Author Johnny B Truant to Step Out of Operations and Into Full-Time Storytelling

Sterling & Stone is thrilled to announce that Johnny B Truant will be exiting the COO role and stepping into his new (and born) role of Flagship Storyteller.

Sean and Johnny have had a phenomenal run as partners. Together (and of course with Dave grumbling along as the studio’s Eeyore in Residence) they started a movement and impacted an industry. In the early years of Sterling & Stone Johnny’s ability to be the “articulator” for the company helped to create a broad audience of followers. There was something magical about “the guys” that created the forward momentum to bring Sterling & Stone to where it is today: an industry respected and reader loved story studio.

While Johnny is excited about making a big change in his day-to-day, he promises that he’s not going anywhere. Johnny has never been into the mechanics of production or the systems involved in running the studio as a business. It’s always been all about the stories for Johnny. He’d rather go deep than wide, and is generally happiest when buried in a story, furiously writing his way out of a tight corner.

Now Johnny will exclusively be telling stories and letting others take care of the business side. His artistic partnership will continue to thrive with Sean as they generate new stories in richer universes, write scripts, and enter new story arenas together. Without the burden of business duties you can expect a lot more Johnny B Truant stories coming down the line.

You will continue to hear from Johnny through his weekly emails (you can sign up for that here if you’re not on the list) and in upcoming podcast episodes.