For Writers

Would you love to sell a metric crapton of books?

…Or would you rather make great art?

As an artist, you face this question with every new project. You feel like you always have to choose. Because art doesn’t pay the bills.

Or does it?

Meet Logan (and us…)

Logan Rutherford just celebrated his 21st birthday. He started writing novels when he was 16, and before he turned 20 he was making enough in royalties to live in LA. Not the cheapest place on the planet, right?

We’ll tell you more about Logan in a minute. But first, allow us to introduce ourselves.

The Sterling & Stone Story Studio is made up of three storytellers earning a handsome full-time living by writing stories we love for readers who can’t wait to buy them. We believe in harmony between the market and the muse. And by finding that harmony, we sell a lot of books.

We believe you can sell a lot of books, too.

If you’re excited by the idea of writing amazing stories, earning fantastic royalties on a regular basis, and connecting with an ever growing flock of readers, then you are a Smarter Artist.

You belong here.

Welcome to the Studio

We leave our doors open (well, except for Dave. He’s a little on the paranoid side … ).  We’ve produced books, podcasts, and videos all with the goal of picking apart and sharing everything we’ve done, and we love to share. You can read, watch or listen here:

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[icon-button link=”/podcasts/” color=”blue” icon=”headphones” title=”Podcasts”]Because Dave is often off the grid, you can hear us on the podcasts a lot more often than you can see us.[/icon-button]

Remember Logan Rutherford? He’s no wunderkind. He’ll be the first to admit that his craft could be better. But right now he’s learning with every book he writes, making money on each asset forever, and having a blast.

You can be the next Logan. You can write great books and sell them, too.

We’d like to share with you the same process that helped Logan. Join our mailing list and we’ll send regular writing tips and advice along with the free Indie Publishing Pack. We’ll walk you through the roadmap you can follow from idea to launch, with printables and worksheets to carry you through every step.

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