Excerpt: Stonefall

By Marie Robinson

Eamon was pissed.

Fuming mad. Totally fucking irate.

The angriest he'd been since the goddamned apocalypse started.

Sweet William's secret had been exposed, and now his son was a target. Because something like that in a world like this … well, there wasn't anything more valuable.

Sherry had meant well, just like Poppy would have. It was obvious why his heart kept pulling him toward the girl. But she invited this family inside, and now they couldn't leave. Their secret would go with them if they did. Eamon couldn't allow that, but he didn't want — or need — another three mouths to feed.

This was a mess, and as much as Sherry obviously wanted to hash it out, she was the last person he wanted to look at, let alone talk to, right now.

He needed to get Felony alone. The two of them could dribble ideas. He wondered how to do it without being obvious, then decided fuck that, this was his Cottage and he didn't have to tiptoe around anyone.

“Yo, Felony. We need to talk.”

Felony looked up, nodded, and followed Eamon out of the room.

Across the cabin and into his bedroom. Eamon shut the door then said, “We can't let them leave.”

“Of course we can let them leave. If you think more hands will lighten your load instead of giving you more shit to worry about, you're crazier than–“

“They'll tell people about William.”

Oh,” Felony said, the truth hitting him like a hammer on his skull. “Then we kill the parents and keep the kid. You and Sherry have an instant family.”

“Fuck you, man.”

“You think I'm not serious? Don't drag me in here asking for advice if you're not willing to take it. The fuck you think that's gonna accomplish?”

“We're not killing them.”

“What? You never killed no one before? That's what you're telling me right here in my bedroom?”

“I'm not a murderer.”

“There's a difference?” Felony raised his eyebrows.

“Of course there's a difference.”

“You want to keep William a secret, then you better find a way to believe there isn't.”

Eamon sighed, shaking his head. “We can't do that.”

“Do what?” Felony pressed. “Add an orphan to the family, or let the world know about our treasure and turn the four of us into a target?”

“I can't murder innocent people, especially when they're in my house looking for help — but we also can't let them leave.”

“Helluva conundrum,” Felony said, in a voice that let Eamon know it wasn't. “Look man, you've gotta make a decision here, and you know what it is. Putting it off until later isn't going to help anyone. It's like naming an animal you're eventually going to eat. Let's take them back out and get this over with.”

“You're kidding. Just like that? Fuck you, man. Sherry would never forgive me.”

“She would get over it real quick, with another baby to take care of.”

Eamon paused, wondering if that might be true.

Felony said, “There's no reason we need to figure this out tonight. It's been a long day, and we should all go to bed. They can stay.”

“For how long?”

“I don't know. Not long. Until we figure things out.”


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