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Make a Living as a Self Published Author

10 Steps to Making a Living as a Self-Published Author

I never imagined myself as a fiction author. In fact, I never imagined myself as a writer at all. The world’s Stephen Kings are few and far between, and even a high school dropout knows that most writers are starving artists. I didn’t consider myself an artist, nor was I willing to starve. And I’m…

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Why You Need to READ, READ, READ

In order to absorb the good, the bad, and the ugly of your craft, you really need to read if you want to be a decent writer.

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Take a Break Already

Yeah, yeah, you’re working hard. We get it. But if you don’t take a break sometimes, you aren’t giving your creativity and your body a chance to refresh.

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The Art of Selective Apathy

No, we aren’t talking about that dredge of apathy that takes over the world. Weaponized apathy, that’s what you need to keep your sanity as a writer.

Why Every Smarter Artist Needs a Mentor

Whether it’s a mentor or a mastermind group, you need outside influence to help you grow. Sean is hardcore about this business principle.

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What If I’m Not Creative

We’re all born creative, but some of us don’t believe it. Sometimes you must put some hard work into it to get those juices flowing, and to keep them going.

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What an Old Fisherman Taught Me About Luck

How many lines do YOU have in the water, and is your bait good? Luck in fishing–and life–has more to do with preparation than actual luck.

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How to Empty Your Mind

How can we settle in and focus when our minds are running in circles? Today’s world doesn’t exactly promote calm or focus. Find your zen and get more done.

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Dealing With Anxiety

What can you do today to be courageous? Pushing through anxiety takes action and understanding, but it’s more than worth it in the end.

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Why Writing Should Never be Miserable

You should be doing something you enjoy! Try reframing it, and if writing is still making you miserable, maybe you need to reconsider things.