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Make a Living as a Self Published Author

10 Steps to Making a Living as a Self-Published Author

I never imagined myself as a fiction author. In fact, I never imagined myself as a writer at all. The world’s Stephen Kings are few and far between, and even a high school dropout knows that most writers are starving artists. I didn’t consider myself an artist, nor was I willing to starve. And I’m…

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Should I Write in Multiple Genres

Today I’m going to talk about the question should I write in multiple genres? (If you prefer audio, you can listen to this episode on the Smarter Artist Podcast) We get this question a lot. We get variances of this question, what is the best thing to write, how should I begin, what would you…

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Pen Names for Different Genres

Depending on the genres you’re crossing, a pen name might be nearly mandatory! Check out these quick guidelines to help you decide.