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Man reading the first chapter in a book

How Do I Hook a Reader in the First Chapter?

Hey, it’s your story. Skip to the good part. No one said you have to start at the beginning and go in chronological order! Hook your reader first.

couple with dog sitting in autumn landscape, he looks jealous of attention to dog

Why You Should Make Your Characters Jealous

Oh, that green eyed monster! We’ve all known jealousy in some form in our lives, so how can we use that to shake up our stories and our characters?

girl levitating in air reflected in golden lake

What is Motif?

Remember high school English class where you had to figure out the motif in every damn book? Well, here’s your chance for revenge…

A facinated woman reading a glowing book

How Do I Speed Up My Story?

When it’s not just your middle that’s soggy, you need to speed things up! Here are some ways to pick up the pace and keep your readers turning pages!


Is Plot or Character More Important

You can have the best plot, you can have the best high-concept, awesome story, but if your characters are unbelievable, then the plot means nothing.

Man on couch watching TV

Don’t Be Lazy

It’s more difficult than it sounds, and chances are you don’t think you’re doing it. What’s the ‘it?’ Well, don’t be lazy.