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Make a Living as a Self Published Author

10 Steps to Making a Living as a Self-Published Author

I never imagined myself as a fiction author. In fact, I never imagined myself as a writer at all. The world’s Stephen Kings are few and far between, and even a high school dropout knows that most writers are starving artists. I didn’t consider myself an artist, nor was I willing to starve. And I’m…

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child dressed for business writing in office setting

You are Your Own COO

In a solo writing operation, you need to remember to be the COO too, not just the dreamer. Someone has to figure out how to make it all work!

man working with giant calendar on the floor

You Need a Creative Author Calendar

Set goals, keep on track, move things around with ease; do you have a creative author calendar? Here’s why you should make one!

old man holding up fish he caught

What an Old Fisherman Taught Me About Luck

How many lines do YOU have in the water, and is your bait good? Luck in fishing–and life–has more to do with preparation than actual luck.

stack of books with ladders to scale them

Making the Most with What you Have

You’re probably not going to find a ‘perfect’ time and situation to get started on your writing career, so take what you have at hand and get going. Now.

author handing book to fan

How Can I Change From Free to Paid?

Do you feel uncomfortable asking your fans to pay when you’ve been giving freebies? Don’t. You deserve compensation, and they should expect free to end.

novelist writing self published books

Growing Your Artistic Assets Like Cash

Does putting out 4 books just multiply your income by 4? Oh no, it’s better than that. Jamie tells you why your books are assets!

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How Do I Manage My Time?

Do you manage your time, or are you bouncing from one thing to the next just to put out fires? Plan your time in order to manage your time.