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Make a Living as a Self Published Author

10 Steps to Making a Living as a Self-Published Author

I never imagined myself as a fiction author. In fact, I never imagined myself as a writer at all. The world’s Stephen Kings are few and far between, and even a high school dropout knows that most writers are starving artists. I didn’t consider myself an artist, nor was I willing to starve. And I’m…

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man making different faces

Change Your Story Mood or Tone

What would happen if you took a story and turned the tone on its head? Comedy becomes tragedy, fun becomes horror… Give it a try!

pile of red herrings

The Red Herring Explained

Life is messy, and your mysteries should be too if you want to throw your readers off the trail! Red herrings, mmm-mmm, yummy!

father reading to kids in homemade tent

What Are Tent Poles?

What are the poles that keep your circus tent up? And whose monkeys are those anyhow? This and other answers when we return!

broken glass at sunset

Statements, Descriptions and Light on Broken Glass

Are your descriptions doing more telling than showing? Here’s how to show your reader a whole new world with your words, instead of telling them about it.

children's toys

Why You Should Watch the Toy Story Movies

Sequels aren’t always the drudge we expect to ooze through the theater in the off-season. In fact, they can be pretty fantastic, as Toy Story illustrates.

old man holding up fish he caught

What an Old Fisherman Taught Me About Luck

How many lines do YOU have in the water, and is your bait good? Luck in fishing–and life–has more to do with preparation than actual luck.

How and Why to be Honest in Your Writing

Hey, we’re not talking about airing your dirty laundry here. Just be true to yourself, and let your characters be true to themselves too.

love letter

Romancing the Beat by Gwen Hayes (Book Review)

Want to write “kissing books?” Romance is a hot genre, with its own quirks and reader expectations. Find out how to plan romance beats for a great story.