Monday, Sept. 25 – Friday, Sept. 29
3:00 – 5:00 PM EDT


You want to write a book that’s fun to write, that readers love, and that is good enough to make those readers look forward to the next thing you’ll do.

You feel like you’re ready, but false starts keep slapping you on the side of the head. You worry about story holes. You’re afraid of bad reviews (or worse, NO reviews at all). And even if you finish your story, you’re not sure how to properly package the product for maximum exposure.

Writing a bestselling book doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

After publishing over a hundred books across several genres, the bestselling authors at the Sterling & Stone Story Studio have developed a process for every book we write.

We’ll spend TWO HOURS live on the web with you every day during the Bootcamp. We’ll teach you our process, step by step. For free.

You’ll learn how to finish and launch books you love, in a genre where readers are waiting for you.

By the way, we know some of you are halfway around the world and everyone’s schedules are a little different. So we’ll have each day’s replay available free for 24 hours after the session.

Watch your email … We’ll send you all the details when you sign up!

Here is the planned curriculum:

Monday: Genre Foundations

Find a genre you love where readers are waiting to buy books. Pre-optimize your book to save time, effort, and anxiety. Understand (and meet) your readers’ expectations for 5-star reviews and recommendations.

Tuesday: Preplanning

Even if you’re a pantser, a little bit of planning goes a long way to help you write better stories, faster. Learn to create believable characters and immersive settings, and to plan as much or as little of your storyline as you need.

Wednesday: Writing and Editing

We’ll talk through the scenes that make a good book great. Learn to write gripping action, memorable dialogue, or tender love scenes. Discover what to do when your characters back you into a corner, when the plot gets so tangled you just want to nuke the whole thing, or — the very worst: when you just plain get frozen.

Then we’ll teach you how to set your ego aside and review your own work without cringing or crumpling into a shaking, tearful ball of angst. We’ll help you see your editor as a friend and an essential investment in quality. And we’ll teach you the difference between developmental editing, line editing, and proofreading, showing you exactly when you need them (and when you don’t).

Thursday: Post-Production and Pre-Launch

There’s SO much overwhelming talk about all the things you need to do for a successful book launch. Learn how a book goes from manuscript to actual eBook and print versions. Find out how to set it up for sale on the major retailers (and the critical decisions you’ll need to make). And learn what you need to do and what you can ignore as you’re building up to your launch.

Friday: Launch and Beyond

We’ll also talk about a variety of launch strategies and current tactics, including the difference in launching your first book, the first in an upcoming series, or even a new standalone as part of a wider catalogue. And we’ll talk about keeping that catalogue earning for you while you keep writing.


That sounds like a lot, you say?

Well, yeah. It is.  The Sterling & Stone team is focused on making this the most awesome week ever. We value your time and we won’t waste it with teasing or bait-and-switch pitches. We’re sharing everything, with nothing held back.

Don’t miss out!


PS. Ignore Johnny rattling off the wrong date for Bootcamp in the video. It really is Sept. 25-29!