Young Blood

New York is a desolate wasteland overrun with vampires. To survive, a sixteen-year-old girl must do the unthinkable.

Raven has carved out a precarious existence as a trader, navigating the treacherous underworld to secure supplies for herself and her autistic sister, Star. Their only sanctuary? A room in the local gun shop is provided by a kind-hearted owner who will risk everything to protect them.

They’re safe –

Until vampires swarm their doorstep and devour the only person willing to protect them.

Desperate to keep her sister safe, Raven joins a covert military unit dedicated to eradicating the vampires that terrorize the city. Her life will be brutal – early morning workouts, grueling weapons training, and a deadly showdown with the bloodthirsty vampire who rules from the city’s shadows.

But even her new military family is far from safe.

Whispers of a traitor spread and their knife might be angled at Raven’s back.

Young Blood is the first book in the new Young Blood series by Sylvester Barzey.