Witch Slap

Never let your brother date a witch, lest they get turned into a talking cat.

Morgan Winters wants an ordinary life:

A job at a bookstore, an apartment she can barely afford, and a healthy amount of existential dread. Her brother (AKA “The Ruiner”) ruins that when he shows up on her bedroom windowsill, transformed into a talking cat.

He claims it’s due to a date gone horribly wrong, but Morgan’s not buying it. Still, when he begs her to take him to a witch who can change him back into a human, she reluctantly agrees. Family is family.

When they arrive in Hollowbeck – a suspiciously small and suspiciously magical town – they find the witch.

Only she’s dead.

And there’s a letter left behind – with Morgan’s name on it.

Even though no one knew she was coming.

Morgan could run. She could hide. But she’s not the type. She’s determined to stick her nose into the middle of the supernatural, figure out who left her the letter, find the murderer – and hopefully sort out Ruiner’s cat problem before he leaves another hairball on the rug.

Witch Slap is the first book in The Hollowbeck Paranormal Cozy Mysteries series from Amelia Ash and bestselling author Kim M. Watt. Join Morgan and Ruiner as they explore a small town full of magic, mystery, and murder.