Witch Demon to Trust

The sheets are clean, the money isn’t.

Being the guest relations manager in a hotel for the criminally-inclined, Evian Wavily has seen and heard it all. Or so she thinks until she dates a demon and breaks her father out of a magical prison. When a Witch Council investigator with a grudge against the Wavilys arrives to track down the fugitive, everyone’s secrets put them in danger. With blood magic in her veins, Evian has the most to hide.

Lies begin to unravel as Evian searches for the truth about her family and tries to save herself and her father from the Council. Secrets are dangerous, but the truth can be a real killer.

★★★★★ “Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Beginning with levitation, unconsciously, of course, and ending with a big demon baddy, with lots of excitement in-between! And Evian’s birthday, nonetheless.” — SierraFlower

★★★★★ “I could not put this down. Wow, questions answered, more asked and lots of chaos. Evian blue, peaches squashed,Squeaks you really aren’t helping and Rita don’t go there with all your hormone raging. I love it when a plan comes together. Oh yeah!!” — Kathleen

★★★★★ “I love a book that can make you laugh and also give you an adventure that is dangerous ,suspenseful and somewhat at the edge of your seat. Snarky little Bat sidekick (oops familiar) is funny but cute also. I love these stories and want the next one in the series now. Happy Reading” — Athena Brown

★★★★★ “If a 10-stars rating was possible, I would gladly give it to Witch Demon to Trust by Vered Ehani. This latest book in the Wavily Witches cozy mystery series is definitely the best thus far. I can’t tell you why without spoilers, and I don’t do spoilers. That said, dear reader you will just have to read this engrossing book for yourself.” — Rural Reader

Witch Demon to Trust is the fourth case in the Wavily Witches Cozy Mystery series set in Tea Town, Kenya. Welcome to The Hotel Wavily where the guests are wicked, the owners are witches, and the service is to kill for. If you enjoy exotic locations, eccentric characters, and bewitching stories, then check into The Hotel Wavily for Case #4 to start your spellbinding African holiday today.

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