Witch Bat to Swing

Everyone’s a suspect.

Blood magic is illegal, but the law never stopped the Wavily witches before. After all, Evian’s family runs The Hotel Wavily, which caters to the criminally-inclined. While there’s no self-help spellbook for amateur blood witches, her batty familiar Squeaks and best human friend Rita are more than willing to experiment with — and on — her.

Classes are interrupted when livestock starts mysteriously disappearing around town, and Evian suspects the thief is anything but human. Determined to practice her spells and prove she has what it takes to be a Wavily witch, she sets off to catch a demon — and possibly get a driver’s license along the way.

★★★★★ “I absolutely and total recommend any and all of the stories written by this author. She has you intrigued from the first moment and you can’t stop, well until she does, and I hope that is never. You go Evian, we”ll ride along with you on that fantastic bike. Thank you.” — Kathleen

★★★★★ “The next laugh out loud installment of the Wavily Witches. Nothing beats this series for pure fun. I laughed until my sides hurt. Evian is a special witch that everyone needs in their life!” — Bon81230

★★★★★ “Clever, snarky, tender, frightening, humorous and chaotic, this is a fun read is a great new series. Highly recommended!” — CJ

★★★★★ “Who wouldn’t want to at least stay at the hotel of the Waverly family? I would love to be a guest dinner or tea, just for the conversations! Evian is my kind of main character. Snarky, smart and a blood witch with a familiar. Squak is the best. The story is well developed and kept me guessing until the end.” — Tiz

Witch Bat to Swing is the second case in the Wavily Witches Cozy Mystery Series set in Tea Town, Kenya. Welcome to The Hotel Wavily where the guests are wicked, the owners are witches, and the service is to kill for. If you enjoy exotic locations, eccentric characters, and bewitching stories, then check into The Hotel Wavily for Case #2 to start your spellbinding African holiday today.

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