When Butterflies Cry

When the dam explodes, only a little girl who was never really there at all can save them.

Grayson Addington comes home to Saddler Hollow, West Virginia, from Vietnam a broken man, ravaged by post-traumatic stress disorder, a chaplain who left his faith in the jungle mud with his massacred unit. In his absence, his wife, Piper, turned to his brother Carter for support. Now, she must choose between them—and Carter will stop at nothing to have her.

Into this family torn apart by jealousy, greed, and clan loyalties comes a mysterious little girl. Maggie, a battered child with amnesia, shows up on the Addington’s front porch and instantly bonds to Sadie, Piper, and Grayson’s cripplingly shy toddler. When Maggie runs away and takes Sadie with her, the warring brothers must team up to search for them.

Then the real horror begins. Sadie is trapped in the rocks out of her father’s reach beneath a dam about to explode. Grayson will have to stand there and watch her drown … unless the child called Maggie is much more than she seems.

From suspense author and former journalist Ninie Hammon comes this spellbinding story of ordinary people whose tangled lives are marked by the specter of an impending disaster, and haunted by the mystery of a magical child.

If you enjoy rich, believable real-life characters, ever-tightening tension, and a breath-taking surprise ending–coupled with Hammon’s trademark dusting of “the unexplainable”, When Butterflies Cry will keep you turning pages far into the night.