Violet’s Trial

Can Violet survive in this strange new world?

After being abandoned by the only family she’s ever known, Violet has nowhere to go in a violent world torn asunder by an alien occupation. So when she’s recruited by the Mullah — a millennia-old secret organization whose goal is to guide humanity’s evolution through successive invasions — she thinks her prayers have been answered. 

The Mullah offer her safe haven from the horrors of the outside world … but only if she can prove herself worthy.

Now, bullied by her teammates and viewed with increasing suspicion by the rest, Violet discovers that her trials aren’t over after her initiation. But she is determined to do whatever it takes to prove she belongs.

Violet’s Trial is the second book of Eva Stone’s new series, set in the bestselling Invasion Universe and chronicling the experiences of a little girl who is forced to grow up too fast by the destruction of society. If you like your alien invasion books with plenty of humor and heart amongst the violence and desolation, pick up your copy today!