Forgetting is hard, remembering is hell.

Twins Jennie and Lizzie Hall grow up in a gilded cage. Daughters of a sadistic Hollywood producer, they live in the lap of luxury, but tremble when Mommy goes to bed and it’s time to sit on Daddy’s lap.

They make a suicide pact — but when Lizzie changes her mind halfway through, it lands Jennie in an institution. Always the strong one, she’s eager for revenge, preferably before Lizzie loses what’s left of her mind.

When Warren announces he’s running for Senator — and that he and his socialite wife are adopting an underprivileged nine-year-old — Jennie vows she’ll save that little girl from the abuse that broke Lizzie.

Even if it means being at Warren’s mercy once more.

This intense Gothic psychological thriller by King and Rose unfolds against a backdrop of corrupt privilege and callous wealth. Exploring the idea that humans are the scariest monsters of all, this chilling story of a young woman struggling to hold onto her sanity in an insane world is both haunting and unforgettable.

Trigger warning: this story contains graphic depictions of child abuse and violence.