Seventeen-year-old Nathan Gutierrez and his occasional crush, Oliver, plan to quit social media. Forever. Not that they’ll be missed – their only followers are friends and family.

But before he deletes the app, Nate captures the perfect shot of a fight between two popular girls at school. One upload later, his popularity skyrockets. Nothing gets views faster than pretty girls pulling hair and clawing eyes.

While most influencers are beacons of false positivity and saccharine platitudes, Nate goes the other way. He becomes an #unwellness influencer.

Want to be angry? Go for it.
Don’t feel like sleeping? Stay awake.
Hold a grudge? Follow your heart.

Nate’s popularity surges as he turns his high school into a buffet of sickening sandwiches, insomnia, and rage. His followers become judge, jury, and executioner. It’s all going so well–

Until someone steals his account.

The uploads change. Now, they’re not just defiant; they’re sinister and suicidal. It’s only a matter of time before someone dies.

Not that his audience cares.

They’ve grown rabid.

And now they’re coming for Nate.

#Unwell is YA and the first book by LGBTQ author Cameron Stone.