The sorceress of psychological suspense is back with the third book in her highly-anticipated new Nowhere USA series. Ninie Hammon is at her career-best in Trapped — a story that will have you sleeping with the lights on.

Stuart McClintock comes to Nowhere County looking for his wife, Charlie, and their daughter, but when he gets to her mother’s house it’s is empty—no people or furniture only what’s on the walls. In frustration, Stuart writes on the blackboard on the wall in the kitchen: “Where Are You?”

Slowly, words scrawl back to him: “I’m trapped. It won’t let me go.”

Inside the Jabberwock, Charlie saw his words and responded, hoping he could see her words too. The next day, she writes “I want to go home!” on the blackboard. New letters immediately appear beneath hers, one at a time, all caps block letters, as though they were written by a child: “NO! STAY HERE AND PLAY WITH ME.”

Meanwhile, multiple murders make the trapped residents fear for their lives and long for a sense of law and order. Which is not at all what they get when Viola Tackett kills the country’s only law enforcement officer and takes over.

★★★★★ “This story has more twists and turns than the winding mountain roads of Nower County, and you don’t want to miss a single curve or dip!” — Phyllis W

★★★★★ “the more books I read in this series, the more I get caught up in the story and the more I love the characters, feeling like they have become my best friends – or enemies. There are so many dimensions to the action that I know these are books I’ll read over and over again and see something new each time.” — Bonsterblack

★★★★★ “I am so hooked on the Nowhere series! Trapped, book #3 is as exciting and heart pounding as the previous books, with people disappearing and houses aging to the point of dilapidation and a surprise ending that left me with my mouth gaping open. The books get more awesome as each new one is published. I can’t wait for what book #4 will bring.” — Lynn Geth

★★★★★ “Is this really only book 3? Man, how has Ninie Hammon managed to twist my brain into so many knots in only three short novels? I don’t know if I should be looking for the Boogie Man under my bed, watching the skies for aliens, or Googling mental health facilities in my area (which strangely, would only be about 45 minutes away from the fictional Nowhere, KY)!” — Kentucky Bohemian

Trapped is the third book in Ninie Hammon’s new series, Nowhere USA, a riveting psychological thriller about the residents of a forgotten county that inexplicably sinks through reality to find itself in the middle of Nowhere.

Fans of Justified, Under The Dome, and LOST will find themselves right at home in Nowhere USA.