Too Far Gone

The past never dies; it only reloads.

Deputy Rileigh Bishop is no stranger to the darkness. For nearly 25 years after her sister’s disappearance, she’s been haunted by unsettling postcards, each marked with a smiley face. The latest one contains a single word: Home. Is it a hint… or a warning?

When a bullet strikes her car and sends her careening into a river, Rileigh barely escapes with her life. 

Convinced that her sister’s disappearance, the postcards, and the assassination attempt are tied together, Rileigh and Mitch tear into cold cases, exposing bones that were better left buried. 

Suicides that were murders.

The lies of people she trusted.

And a secret that will unravel everything.

But as Rileigh and Mitch dig deeper, they realize something else:

Rileigh isn’t the only target.

Someone close to her is in grave danger.

And the only way to save them is to unearth the past.

Too Far Gone is the sixth book in The Bishop Smokey Mountain Thrillers series by Lauren Street.