Tomorrow’s Gone Season Three

From the best-selling authors of Yesterday’s Gone comes a new series set in the same terrifying post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The end is here.

Emory Gray meets a familiar face and suddenly finds herself in even more danger than before.

Boricio strikes a deal with the enemy to find Emory even as one of his own plots against him.

Sebastian goes on a suicide mission to save his love.

Elijah seeks to avenge his family.

Charlotte’s memories start to resurface, threatening her sanity and her life.

And the Ancient Gods’ true horrible plans for the Tree are finally revealed as humanity faces its ultimate test.

Tomorrow’s Gone Season Three is the third book in Sean Platt and David W. Wright’s tense new post-apocalyptic serialized thriller that will leave you guessing to the end. If you like The Stand and LOST, you’ll love this series that combines tension, intrigue, and fear of the unknown.

WARNING: This is a post-apocalyptic horror story where bad people do evil things, and as such, this series features disturbing scenes and foul language. While it is all within the context of the story, some readers may find this content offensive.