The Wanderers

Gunslinger Clint Guilliver has been pursuing the dark rider Dharma Kold for over two years, always following but never able to close the distance enough to rescue Mai — the woman that Kold stole from Clint as he left the town of Solace. But now, Clint’s hand is forced when his own unicorn companion, Edward, makes a disturbing discovery about the torture to which Clint’s almost-bride is being subjected by Kold’s unicorn of a different color.

Clint and Edward must overtake Kold and put an end to his blasphemy and his quest to reach The Realm before he reaches the Edge — a shifting, disintegrating zone of leaking magic and delirium at the very limit of the world. But before they can approach, they encounter a new, twisted foe that commands an unspeakable and ancient form of dark magic spewed from the world’s very core…

From the creators of Yesterday’s Gone (Platt) and Fat Vampire (Truant) comes this reinvention of both the western genre and unicorn lore. Written for children and teens — but complex and awesome enough for adult readers — Unicorn Western is “Harry Potter without wizards, with gunslingers, with talking unicorns and epic unicorn fights, and with more turkey pie.”