The Shattered Skull

To save a life, she must embrace the darkness.

Mia Morales has never been ordinary. Beneath her sweet, trusting demeanor, she hides an extraordinary ability: she can manipulate liquid. As a botany student, she uses her talent to bring dead plants back to life. She plans to keep her ability a secret.

But secrets have a way of getting out.

A mysterious stranger appears, drawn to Mia’s unique gifts. He offers her a chance to master her abilities and use them for a higher purpose. If she succeeds, she might be able to save an innocent child’s life. If she fails…

The darkness of the underground holds the secret to mastering her abilities. But other things lurk in the shadows.

Relentless demons.

Ricky and Gabby, two demon hunters with secrets of their own.

And a dark individual with an even darker plan.

As The Day of the Dead approaches, the line between the living and the dead blurs. 

If Mia’s not ready, the child she’s trying to save won’t be the only one who loses their life.

The Shattered Skull is the third and final book in Manuel Ruiz’s The Sugar Skull series.

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