The Reel Deal

It’s just me. Alone in a mansion with a famous Hollywood heartthrob. Pretending to be his girlfriend. Shout out to Grandma for getting me here.

After Grandma hurts her ankle, she asks me to come home so I can take care of her VIP client. Clean his sprawling mansion, do grocery runs, the works.

Turns out the client is Hollywood superstar Jake Leonard.

That’s fine.

I can handle the rich and famous.

What I can’t handle is his vicious ex-girlfriend who shows up on his doorstep and demands to know who I am.

I also can’t handle the way he puts his arm around my shoulders, the way he squeezes me against his side, and the way he tells his ex that I’m his new girlfriend.

And oh yeah, we’re living together, too.

I don’t want to play along. But Jake makes me an offer I can’t refuse. And the more I play house with him, the more I start to wonder if our fake relationship could turn into something real.

The Reel Deal is a small town, closed door romcom featuring a Hollywood heartthrob and a delicious slow burn. You’ll get sizzling chemistry, lovable characters, but NO spice. Perfect for those who want a whole lot of sweet and less heat. It’s the third book in the Big Star, Small Town series, but the books can be read in any order.


Hollywood Heartthrob
Fake Relationship
Forced Proximity
Closed door/kissing only
Small town
Slow Burn