The Reckoning

Sorceress of psychological suspense, Ninie Hammon, brings you the third book in The Knowing Saga, a sprawling tale of spiritual warfare that spans a quarter of a century. If you crave sleep-with-the-lights-on suspense coupled with characters so true they’ll feel like family, then The Reckoning is right up your alley.

Ordinary people. A demon from hell. The final showdown…

In the summer of 1985, Daniel Burke, Becca Hawkins, and Jack Carpenter confronted a demon prince, an efreet, and somehow drove it back to hell. They were twelve years old. Twenty-six years later, the efreet returns and sends superhuman assassins to kill the now-adult “Three Muskateers” before they can challenge him again. Reconnecting for the first time in a quarter of a century, the childhood friends piece together fragmentary memories of that long-ago summer as they fight desperately to stay alive—and to stop the voracious quest for power of the man possessed by the efreet, Chapman Whitworth,

Now comes the final confrontation. The only thing that stands between Whitworth and the presidency of the United States is a rag-tag group of ordinary people–Daniel, Becca, Jack, and their friends. This time, they have to go after the demon, not the man—and it doesn’t matter that none of them remembers how they defeated it the first time. They have to find the monster–hidden in a labyrinth of dark caves protected by legions of poisonous spiders and snakes. And they have to stand together against it. If any one of them breaks, they all will die. It has come down to this—one last chance. It’s time for the reckoning.

The Knowing began the tale. The Deceiving expanded it. Now, The Reckoning delivers a heart-pounding continuation with a riveting account of the battle against an evil as old as the skeleton of the universe.