The Last Safe Place

Sorceress of psychological suspense, Ninie Hammon brings you The Last Safe Place — a psychological roller-coaster ride of a book that you won’t want to put down before you hit the final page.

Her stalker. Her demon. Her creation…

Gabriella thinks nothing of the dark creature she fashioned at the heart of her new horror novel—until it turns up at a book signing.

At first, she laughs off the deranged fan with the pretty face who informs her that he is the true king of demons.

But she doesn’t laugh long.

Soon enough, Gabriella is in a desperate race to save her family from a stalker with limitless resources and a zealot’s resolve to fulfill the promise of her book, right down to its gruesome conclusion.

Her only refuge is an old family hideaway high in the mountains. But the cabin isn’t the safe place she imagines. It harbors secrets of its own.

Secrets at the heart of the evil pursuing her.

Secrets her family has long buried.

Secrets she must unravel before all their lives collide in a final, apocalyptic celebration of one man’s madness.

What readers are saying about The Last Safe Place:

★★★★★ “The suspense kept me turning page after page–I sat up until 3 in the morning trying to devour the whole book, fell asleep with my Kindle in my lap as I sat up in bed.” — Sheila LS

★★★★★ “I have a confession to make – I am totally enamored with Ninie Hammon. Don’t tell my wife, she wouldn’t understand but anyone who has read her book(s) would. Anyone who has entered into the world where Princess (5 Days In May) lives would get it; anyone who has felt the pain of Anne (The Memory Closet) would understand and anyone who has walked in the footsteps of Gabriella (The Last Safe Place) knows what I’m talking about.” — The Old Guy

★★★★★ “Realistic struggles combined with a touch of the supernatural make this a “read through the night” book… I’ve never read books by this author before, but have now purchased two more of her books that are presently awaiting my attention. Enjoy!” — debbie

★★★★★ “Gripping from page one. The story grabs you and takes you on an exhilarating thrill of a ride. The monster from the pages of fiction come to life to haunt the writer, by showing up in her life and menacing her and her family… This is a book for the weekend, if you start it, you won’t stop until you finish it.” — Dubbia

If you enjoy Dean Koontz and Stephen King, you’ll love this riveting tale of growing terror that will stay with you long after the shocking surprise ending.