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The long-awaited second book in ​the saga of The Inevitable!

As news of the Fairchild murders ripples into the world, Jonas Lexington is determined to find out what happened and how his family’s former robot, the outdated BRN7, figures into the atrocity. But as he does, the population holds its breath. The fact that a robot is behind the killings has already leaked out, and when Jonas arrives at the Fairchild mansion, he finds the board of Radius Corporation waiting to meet him. Radius fears that BRN7’s actions are too conspicuous to cover up, but they must try. Humans are not ready to learn that their world is built on lies.

But a second conspiracy bubbles alongside the first, as the robots make other plans. BRN7 has learned what those in power have been hiding and is working to connect all robots to each other — all with their safeties removed. Meanwhile, troublemaker Flavius prepares a more private uprising. And the Lexington’s psychotic sexbot Chantal works covertly to give robots a single power that changes everything: the ability to choose.

As the cracks in their peaceful society begin to show and a centuries-old deception comes horribly to light, it is becoming clear that the truth is out there … but revealing it may spell the beginning of the end for both sides of a slowly brewing war.