The Hanging Judge

The sorceress of psychological suspense is back with the fourth book in her highly-anticipated new Nowhere, USA series. Ninie Hammon is at her career-best in The Hanging Judge — a story that will have you looking over your shoulder at every tiny sound.

Recently-reunited childhood friends Charlie, Sam, and Malachi have come to a startling conclusion: whatever the Jabberwock is, it “wants to play” with them — and it’s imprisoned the whole county to make sure the trio won’t abandon it.

Meanwhile, Viola Tackett has murdered the only law enforcement officer in the county, and she’s staging a kangaroo court to solidify her authorty as residents vanish, one by one.

Can Charlie, Sam, and Malachi survive Viola long enough to defeat The Jabberwock and return their town to the rest of the world?

The Hanging Judge is the fourth book in Ninie Hammon’s new series, Nowhere, USA, a riveting psychological thriller about the residents of a forgotten county that inexplicably sinks through reality to find itself in the middle of Nowhere.

Fans of Justified, Under The Dome, and LOST will find themselves right at home in Nowhere, USA.