The Girl Who Couldn’t Stop Dying

In Rush, Northern California, not even the dead can find peace.

Former military police officer Sam Salazar knows what it means to lose everything. After the death of her 5-year-old daughter, she moved to a secluded town in Northern California, surrounded by ancient Redwoods and twisting highways. She finds peace in the isolation.

Until a woman in Sam’s Narcotics Anonymous group insists she’s been seeing her sister Dorothy around town.

The same sister who died thirty years ago.

And she’s desperate for Sam’s help.

Sam digs through layers of silence but uncovers no death certificate, grave, or body. Nothing seems right, and Sam’s determined to unearth the truth.

But the small town has a dark side.

The tight-knit community doesn’t like outsiders poking in their business.

More and more people claim they saw Dorothy.

With each ghostly sighting, the mystery thickens, blurring the line between the past and the present, the dead and the living.

With every step closer to uncovering what happened to Dorothy, Sam must confront a haunting question: Is unearthing the truth a path to closure or a door to untold horrors?

The Girl Who Couldn’t Stop Dying is the first novel in Lauren Street’s The Salazar Redwood Forest Thrillers series, where the secrets of the past threaten to engulf the living in shadows.