The Girl Who Couldn’t Get Out

The missing are never just gone in Rush; they’re silenced by something more sinister.

Former military police officer Sam Salazar thought she left chaos behind when she settled in Rush, California. Peace was what she wanted, chaos was what she found.

When an outsider comes to town desperate to find answers to her daughter’s disappearance, Sam’s conscience won’t let her look away – even though she knows she should.

Sam dives into the investigation. But as she digs into the mystery, the case spirals, and connections surface between the girl’s disappearance and the haunted legends of the town’s exclusive Kalamack Club.

Rush’s powerful elite have their own rules, and those who dare defy them pay a steep price. If Sam’s not careful, her quest for justice will turn her into the next ghost haunting Rush.

The Girl Who Couldn’t Get Out is the second novel in Lauren Street’s The Salazar Redwood Forest Thrillers series, where the deeper Sam digs, the darker the secrets get.