The Girl Who Couldn’t Be Found

In the heart of the forest, a killer lurks…

After the pipes burst and Redwood Rings floods, ex-Military Police Sam Salazar finds herself out of a job. That’s bad news for a recovering addict.

It gets worse – a stranger from out of town is asking about her. He’s showing up at her work, her NA meetings, and her trailer park. Turns out he’s Sam’s old Army buddy, and he has a problem: his daughter is missing.

Desperate to help, Sam investigates the girl’s disappearance and finds something sinister – rumors of a serial killer who’s been preying on women for decades. The local journalist believes the killer is holed up in the surrounding mountains, lurking just beyond the town limits.

If the rumors are true, the missing girl doesn’t have much time.

Sam must face her own demons and outwit a dangerous serial killer before he claims another victim.

The Girl Who Couldn’t Be Found is the third novel in Lauren Street’s The Salazar Redwood Forest Thrillers series, where secrets never stay buried, and danger is always closer than it seems.