The Gap

From Ninie Hammon, sorceress of psychological suspense, comes The Gap, a thrilling new intergenerational tale of dark secrets and hidden tragedies that will keep you turning pages late into the night.

In the sprawling Harrington House on the Texas prairie, the family of 100-year-old Olivia Harrington has gathered for the funeral of her daughter-in-law, Hannah. All the generations, from The Greatest Generation to Gen Alpha, are represented among the three dozen people who spend the weekend together. But this family reunion is far from peaceful.

Olivia’s son, Cyrus, couldn’t let his wife, Hannah, build a koi pond in the backyard because he knows what’s buried under the cherry tree. Did he kill her to keep the secret?

Cyrus’s sister Alex is dying, and she believes she’s the one who killed Hannah. Is she wrong?

When four-year-old Chapman steals the shiny ring off his dead grandmother’s body, it creates chaos among the cousins, who’ve been promised millions of dollars worth of Hannah’s jewelry. But when the ring is found, a shocking secret is revealed.

Olivia’s great-granddaughter, Avery, hates her father, Spencer, for running down a kid on a bicycle. But an old picture in the attic might prove he spent eight years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit— unless the man who’s really guilty gets his hands on the picture … or kills Spencer first.

After Olivia makes an explosive announcement on the day of the funeral, a stranger shows up with a gun, demanding to know who her mother is.

Then a storm strikes, the lights go out, and the house catches fire. All members of the family struggle to survive. They don’t all make it out alive. And in a final, astonishing twist, they discover a cold-blooded killer has been among them all along.

Full of twists and turns, The Gap is a gripping thriller that keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the end.