The Engine Convergence

From the bestselling authors of Invasion, Yesterday’s Gone, Unicorn Western, and Fat Vampire comes The Engine Convergence, book five in The Dream Engine Series, a thrilling young adult dystopian adventure set in a lush dark fantasy steampunk dream world.

In the ten years that have passed since Eila Doyle was banished and disappeared, the world has changed. 

Athenia has taken control of all ten engines through military occupation. International tensions have never been higher. When the entire body of the International Senate is assassinated, the whole world is clearly headed to war. 

King Godwyn wants to lead the celestials off the Island of Evergreen to take over the engines and rule the world. Leviathan is opening interdimensional doors between worlds to let The Might seep out. Spirit Daemons spawned from engine pollution become manifest and wreak havoc across the land. And the city of Stensue threatens all life with The Implement. 

Can Eila return to take her place in the order of things and help restore harmony to all the engines? Or is this truly the end?

The Engine Convergence is book five and the final installment in The Dream Engine Series. Find the answers you’ve been waiting for. Get The Engine Convergence today.