Tell Me No Lies

From the best selling author of Pretty KillerNo Justice, and 12 comes Tell Me No Lies, a gripping new stand-alone thriller.

Natalie hasn’t thought about her sorority sister, Olivia, since she slept with — then married — the love of Olivia’s life.

Now she’s living the life Natalie thought she always wanted. A nice house, expensive car, and loads of money to lavish on her two children. It’s almost worth the frequent business trips her husband is constantly taking to feed all the bills.

So when Olivia invites her out for drinks after two decades of silence, Natalie assumes all has been forgiven. She has no idea that Olivia’s bringing irrefutable evidence that her husband has been cheating on her.

And with more than one woman.

As she digs into her husband’s secret life, Natalie discovers that his cheating isn’t even the worst part: he’s drained their savings and racked up an impossible amount of debt in her name. She and the kids will be homeless in no time unless she can earn enough to pay it all back with interest — fast. But with a blank resume and a degree she hasn’t used since graduation, the only jobs she qualifies for pay minimum wage.

Olivia’s got the solution: play up her MILF-ish looks and make some serious bank as a high-class escort.

Can Natalie navigate this world of sex, power, and money without forgetting the reason she’s doing it — her children?

A gut-wrenching, suspenseful thriller, Tell Me No Lies is perfect for fans of Darcey Bell and Harlan Coban.

WarningTell Me No Lies is like Breaking Bad, but with sex instead of meth. This book includes adult language and situations. While it is all within the context of the story, some readers may find this content offensive. Intended for mature audiences.