Storm Wavily and the Pirate King

Be witched on a pirate ship.

Storm Puddlewick of the Wavily Witch Clan didn’t mean to stow away on a pirate ship, and she certainly didn’t intend to steal a talking cat. However, it’s too late for regrets when the crew of The Pink Pearl captures her and takes her to Treasure Island.

It’s the fifty-seventh pirate parlay, and the current Pirate King is determined to keep his throne. But when someone breaks the peace pact, a murder throws the event into disarray. With his reputation on the line, the king orders Storm to solve the murder or walk the plank.

Armed with a chicken egg, a snobby cat, and a few spells, Storm will need all her wits to solve the murder in time to help the king and save the peace. But with the stakes so high, it’s only a matter of time before the murderer comes after her.

Storm Wavily and the Pirate King is the first case in the Pirates Ahoy Cozy Mystery Series. Get ready to sail around the African continent and into murder, mayhem, and other misadventures.

If you enjoy exotic locations, eccentric characters, and bewitching stories, then come aboard and join the crew for a spellbinding voyage.

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