Storm Wavily and the Ghost Town

A sinking feeling.

Signing The Pink Pearl’s Pirate Codex was supposed to be water witch Storm’s ticket to freedom. But that was before discovering her ex-fiancé’s spell book on board the ship.

Before she can solve that pesky mystery, Santa hires the crew to transport one of his elves to East Africa. The mission: collect a valuable artifact from the ruins of Gedi. The problem: Gedi’s haunted. Something — or someone — really doesn’t like strangers, and there’s nothing stranger than Storm and her fellow pirates. People start disappearing faster than the cream in her cat’s bowl.

Armed with a growing crocodile, a divinely inspired cat (or so he says), and a healthy dash of skepticism, Storm is determined to stop the body-snatching ghosts. Can she figure out an exorcism spell before they come after her crew?

Storm Wavily and the Ghost Town is the fourth case in the Pirates Ahoy Cozy Mystery Series. Get ready to sail around the African continent and into murder, mayhem, and other misadventures.

If you enjoy exotic locations, eccentric characters, and bewitching stories, then come aboard and join the crew for a spellbinding voyage.

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