The meek will never inherit the Earth…

Eamon Quinn once had a good life. A loving wife. A child on the way. Then came the aliens – and everything changed.

Now, engulfed in a world of violence and decay with allies in short supply, Eamon will do anything to protect his strange and miraculous son from the criminals and aliens who would use him for their own ends.

Gleeson Crowe is sure that it was God who spared him when the aliens destroyed Stonefall. Now he’s on a mission to rebuild the former prison into a haven to shield the righteous. Maybe Eamon’s son can help him do it. If not, the world will be waiting to die.

As civilization falls, one question remains: How wicked must the righteous become?

Stonefall is the first book in the Stonefall trilogy. Fans of The Walking Dead and The Road will love this unflinching look at the devastating aftermath of an alien invasion.