Soul Mutts: The Complete Series

This box set pulls together all 6 books in the Soul Mutts series. Each book in this series tells the story of a particular dog in search of their forever home and the owners who will love them for who they are.

Baker’s Dozen: Baker, the Boxer, has a particularly sensitive nose that can sniff out the winning batch of pastries for a competitive bake-off.

Reign of Terrier: Princess helps Tessa diagnose what’s wrong when a mysterious illness breaks out at Pretty Paws Pet Shelter.

Chocolate Covered Chaos: Chocolate Lab, Max and his messy ways help uptight and grieving widower Nick to reconnect with his kids, who need him more than ever now.

The Great Escape: Athena, the Great Dane, unwittingly helps Eliza to see what kind of man her boyfriend Tony, really is. You can learn a lot from how a person treats their dog.

Pitty Party:¬†Cappuccino, the pit bull, desperately wants to please his new family and help Dad get better. Even though he’s makes messes and tends to cause chaos, sometimes the best medicine is a dog who loves you.

Kiwi To My Heart: Kiwi, the cockapoo, is afraid of everything. But being with Leslie makes her feel braver. And when Leslie is forced to face her own fears, having Kiwi by her side makes her feel braver too.

The Soul Mutts Series tells heartwarming tales of lost dogs finding new homes with the humans they were born to heal.

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