Shimmer To Yuma

On their way to intercept Dharma Kold before he finds the deadly third Orb — and to finally free the captive Mai — Clint and Edward come across a botched Realm operation, where a shotgun-wielding bandit leads his gang to rob an exposed magic vein.

Assisting the authorities who exiled him isn’t something that Clint is eager to do, but that changes when he learns that helping to escort the bandit to justice might finally mean finding an open doorway back to The Realm…

From the creators of Yesterday’s Gone (Platt) and Fat Vampire (Truant) comes this reinvention of both the western genre and unicorn lore. Written for children and teens — but complex and awesome enough for adult readers — Unicorn Western is “Harry Potter without wizards, with gunslingers, with talking unicorns and epic unicorn fights, and with more turkey pie.”