Sam’s First Last Stand

Someone needs to save the day, dontcha know.

Alien reinforcements are on the way. Lake Peculiar is temporarily isolated in a protective bubble. The three Lake Peculiar titans, cut off from the Astral overmind, become suspiciously docile and helpful. 

Now Sam has to find a way to defend Lake Peculiar from the alien attack that everyone assumes is coming. But can he trust the suddenly-cooperative Titans, or should he be ready for betrayal?

Salvation may be nigh when the Resistance becomes aware of an ancient alien artifact that’s been hiding in plain sight which could turn the tide and possibly help humans fend off the aliens. But can they figure out how to use it in time? 

Sam’s First Last Stand is the fifth book in Jack Ravenhill’s new series, The Invasion of Lake Peculiar, a quirky take on the bestselling Invasion Universe. If you enjoy Garrison Keillor’s Tales from Lake Wobegon, you’ll love Lake Peculiar. Pick up your copy today!