Reign of Terrier

When she needed a hand, she found a paw.

Tessa’s dream of becoming a veterinary tech crashes after her fiercely-supportive fiancée dies in a tragic accident. Mourning her loss and desperate to move forward, Tessa must prove she can handle the pressures of working in a real-life clinic before she can start her new life.

Princess doesn’t mean to be high maintenance, but trust comes hard to the broken-hearted, and her near-constant anxiety has made her practically unadoptable. Tessa is the only human who’s ever made Princess feel safe enough to come out of her shell

When a mysterious illness breaks out at Pretty Paws, can this heartbroken dog and grieving human team up to save the shelter’s sick dogs?

★★★★★ “Princess and Tessa are perfect for each other. I felt the pain and fears, and the loving support they gave to move forward. This story moved me deeply.” Debra M.

★★★★★ “The love and understanding between human and a fur baby showing how pets can meals our lives so much healthier! A good read!!” Sharon Stevens

★★★★★ “Sometimes a needy troubled dog will find a human who understands because the human is experiencing the same. This is the story of an anxiety prone dog who needs and wants a loving home and a woman who suffers from panic attacks. Together they learn to cope, to love and to be confidant through several difficult situations.” Katie Kindle Customer

★★★★★ “Reign of Terrier- great story for any animal lover or anyone in animal rescue! What an interesting premise for a book series!! Enjoy!” Lucretia B

Reign of Terrier is the second book in the Soul Mutts series, heartwarming stories of lost dogs finding new homes with the humans they were born to heal.

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