Red Carpet Black


Orson Beck’s ex-wife left him for a more successful actor when his sitcom got cancelled, taking their son Connor with her. A has-been in his twenties, Orson stocks shelves at a pricey, organic grocery store where he can’t afford to shop. Not anymore.

But he still goes to auditions, between shifts and precious visits with Connor. He still hones his skills for that big role that may someday never come.

And he still dreams of making the Onyx List: an exclusive shortlist of would-be superstars who get the chance to attend a mysterious party, where they’ll audition for Hollywood’s most powerful agents and directors. The elite who might change his life.

No one knows how the Onyx List members are chosen, but everyone knows that being invited is the biggest break you can get.

When Orson gets that expensive invitation, he has no idea what the opportunity will cost him.

But can you put a price on your soul?

A complex, suspenseful thriller, Red Carpet Black is the third book in The Bright Lights, Dark Secrets Collection, perfect for fans of Darcey Bell and Harlan Coban, or people who wished Hollywood had been a modern day thriller.

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