Prince of Sand

Divided loyalties. A world out of balance. A terrible choice.

After causing and surviving the fall of Frost, Ember Mikailanova and her friends flee through the remnants of the Southern Wall, out into the harsh desert beyond. There they discover the small town of Sand, surrounded by wide swaths of wasteland on all sides.

When she’s captured and taken to the Prince of Sand, Ember discovers a long-lost relative. But her family reunion turns sour when he demands that she help him find the Spindle — a device that could restore their dying world. She suspects he cares more about power than stopping the devastation, but she needs his protection to survive in this place.

How much is she willing to sacrifice to find the Spindle and save the world?

Prince of Sand is the second book in the completed Frost Trilogy by Aria Nobel. Pick up your copy today.

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