One Smart Witch

A talking cat accused of murder. A magical carnival with sinister secrets. And a sleuth who’s running out of time.

When a traveling carnival arrives in Hollowbeck, it promises magic and mayhem. It’s also an opportunity for Morgan to find someone who can transform her brother, Ruiner, back into a human – he’s a little tired of being a talking cat, and she’s a little tired of cleaning his litter box.

Things look promising until the curtains rise on rehearsal night to reveal Ruiner sitting on the lifeless body of the wizard who promised to help him.

Ruiner swears he’s innocent, but that doesn’t stop the carnival boss from seizing him. He’ll be tried under carnival law. If found guilty, he faces certain death – and it’s not like it’s going to be a fair trial.

Morgan can’t lose her brother, but she can’t do anything from the outside, either. Her only hope is to infiltrate the carnival and find the real murderer before it’s too late.

But the magic carnival holds dangerous secrets of its own, and it’s soon clear Ruiner’s life isn’t the only one at risk…

One Smart Witch is the second book in The Hollowbeck Paranormal Cozy Mysteries series from Amelia Ash and bestselling author Kim M. Watt. Join Morgan and Ruiner as a magic carnival comes to town, bringing along mystery and murder.