Null Identity

From the bestselling authors of Invasion and Yesterday’s Gone comes Null Identity, a new stand-alone novel written in the world of The Tomorrow Gene. This is a disturbing philosophical exploration of what can happen when our scientific advancement outpaces our ethics.

Cassandra Knight is trying hard to believe that she is safe and sane. Living with an adoring billionaire in his luxurious secluded mansion, she should have everything she needs to recover from the mental breakdown that drove her to attempt suicide.

And yet, she is haunted by vividly recurring nightmares of the moment she tried to take her life and the persistent feeling that something just isn’t right.

What happened on that hazy night when she hit rock bottom, and why does it seem like everything and everyone around her are conspiring to keep her from remembering?

★★★★★ “Fans of these authors and The Tomorrow Gene (and other series!!) Will not be disappointed. Really excellent story, and totally works as a stand alone, but when you’re done, you’re just going to want to find and read all the other books by them.” SherryWithaY

★★★★★ “Another great read from these guys, but all their books are. Thanks for being writer’s and helping me escape the crazy world we live in for a few hours a day.” PapaJim

★★★★★ “Jonny B. Truant & Sean Platt are amazing writers, their style creates a film in your head. This novel is no exception. Definitively A Must Read.” Myrdhana

★★★★★ “What a creepy premise. I enjoy books by this team. This one didn’t disappoint. Hope this never becomes a reality.” Pamela S. Smolnek

Null Identity is a compelling mix of Ex Machina meets The Invisible Man in the story of one woman’s struggle to unearth the truth and understand her own past.