Miss Knight and the Wedding Killer

Murder is brewing.

While Beatrice Knight Timmons is part witch, the only thing she’s interested in nowadays is tea, and copious amounts of it. But that isn’t the only thing boiling in her life.

No sooner does she open her very own tea shop in the small town of Nairobi, someone with a vendetta against young brides murders one and leaves the body in The Cozy Tea Shoppe.

With her best friend’s wedding only weeks away, can Miss Knight stop the murderer while babysitting a monkey and serving difficult customers?

Miss Knight and the Wedding Killer is the eighth case in the Society for Paranormals series, in which a paranormal detective refuses to let danger, death, and unsolicited suitors inconvenience her in the small town of Nairobi. Welcome to a cozy mystery series concerning Victorian etiquette, African mythology, and the search for a perfect spot of tea.

★★★★★ “What fun! Yes, it is a murder mystery, but it is so much more! You don’t need to have read any other books by this author to thoroughly enjoy this one, but I’ll bet that you will want to.” — Jan

★★★★★ “If you have not read one of Vered Ehsani’s e-books, you are depriving yourself of an extraordinary treat.” — Rhonda Holle

★★★★★ “The book continues to grab & hold my interest from page one to the very end! I highly recommend this book!” — loisk2256

★★★★★ “All our favorites characters are here with interesting insights into many of them. Many questions remain at the end of the book, so I can’t wait for the next book!” — David Chamberlain

★★★★★ “Vered Ehsani continues her stories of colonial British East Africa, Narobi and the paranormal with her usual dry wit and wry observations. For those who don’t know, Ms Ehsani lives in Kenya (British East Africa once upon a time) and writes of an Africa which she obviously loves.” — Charles van Buren

If you enjoy historical mysteries, adore Victorian steampunk, appreciate British humor, or would love to experience adventure in colonial Africa, download Miss Knight and the Wedding Killer to start your supernatural safari today.