Miss Knight and the Fourth Mandate

Occupational hazard has a new meaning.

Having offered her firm and unequivocal resignation, Beatrice Knight is certain she is clear of her former employer, the Society for Paranormals, and is now free to proceed with her life and a wedding. It all seems quite simple, until the Society’s Director Prof Runal shows up at the train station, her cousin announces horrifying news and a ponytailed dwarf decides he needs her powers to eradicate all non-humanoid paranormals. At least one thing is certain: anything is manageable with a pot of tea and a fully loaded walking stick.

Miss Knight and the Fourth Mandate is the fourth case in the “Society for Paranormals” series, in which a paranormal detective refuses to let danger, death, and unsolicited suitors inconvenience her in the small town of Nairobi. Welcome to a cozy mystery series concerning Victorian etiquette, African mythology, and the search for a perfect spot of tea.

★★★★★ “This is such a great series! The Fourth Mandate continues Beatrice’s incredible encounters and also hints at future adventures. The stories are really well written- every character is so interesting- even the really evil ones! This series just pulls you in! Start reading them- you will be hooked.” — JAS

★★★★★ “Once again the intrepid Mrs Knight comes through with flying colors! I love the combination of steampunk and paranormal and I think I love Nelly the oh so flatulent horse the best!! Lol This lady isn’t afraid of anything and goes full speed ahead after anything that threatens her or anyone she cares for! Hoping to read the rest of the series! This is awesome!” — NightFaery

★★★★★ “I love the slightly formal, somewhat British, stiff upper lip-ish tone of this series. The Fourth Mandate involves Beatrice in more dangerous adventures, and a beautifully made metal hand. The pace of her adventures leaves me quite happily breathless, eagerly awaiting the next installment.” — Cleargrace

★★★★★ “This is a series that I honestly cannot get enough of. The characters are funny, charming and very real. I love the dry sense of humor throughout the story. The ending of the book (no spoilers here) was perfect! I couldn’t have asked for better and was hoping for the very one that Vered composed.” — Tiz

★★★★★ “ I went back and reread the series from the start because there are so many little things that make sense in light of the new disclosures in each book. If you like medium-suspenseful mysteries with a touch of colonial England and lots of quirky humor, then these books are for you.” — Renee715

If you enjoy historical mysteries, adore Victorian steampunk, appreciate British humor, or would love to experience adventure in colonial Africa, download Miss Knight and the Fourth Mandate to start your supernatural safari now.