Mad Dog

The sorceress of psychological suspense is back with the second book in her highly-anticipated new Nowhere USA series. Ninie Hammon is at her career-best in Mad Dog a hair-raising tale that will make you jump and whip your flashlight around at small sounds in the night.

Rabies is a terrible way to die.

When Nower County veterinarian E.J. Hamilton rescues two little girls from the savage attack of a rabid Great Pyrenees, the beast almost rips his leg off. But worse than the injury is the fact that without the vaccine, E.J. will die of rabies within a week. Unfortunately, he can’t get to the hospital because a shimmering mirage called the Jabberwock has locked everyone inside the county borders.

With  E.J.’s rabies-clock ticking, childhood friends Charlie, Sam, and Malachi are desperate to solve the mystery of the Jabberwock. Is it somehow connected to what happened to Gideon? Maybe it isn’t just a ghost story that every man, woman, and child in that little town in Fearsome Hollow vanished into a mist one day exactly one hundred years ago?

The “vanishing” has started happening again — residents of Nower are disappearing and the houses they lived in age a century overnight.

If the Jabberwock is gobbling people up, how long before Nower becomes a ghost town?

★★★★★ “From the opening sentence to the last word you’ll be hooked! Unnatural events are still happening in Nower County. The residents are still trapped: no way in, no way out. Some still believe the dome will disappear with the next incoming storm, while others are beginning to realize that the dome is here to stay. How will they survive? I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment of this brilliantly told tale, as should you be.” — Reba

★★★★★ “This is the second in a series from Ninie Hammon. She will hook you in this book, no doubt…but OMG the end is unbelievable! How can she do this to her dear readers? Now we wait…not so patiently…for the story to continue. Drop your Netflix subscription, and find this author! You will be taken on the rides of your life with her tales!” — K. Koch

★★★★★ “Why am I not surprised when I find that each book in a Ninie Hammon series is always better than the last one? Now we find that E.J., the local veterinarian, has been badly bitten by a rabid dog. No anti-venom, no physician, no way of stopping the onslaught of rabies and no way out of Nowhere County. What’s going to happen? E.J.’s friends are frantic and so am I because the end of the book is a total cliffhanger! I can’t wait for the release of Book 3!!” — Lynn Geth

★★★★★ “Ninie has done it again. The first two books in the Nowhere series are awesome. I keep thinking that I know what might happen, but don’t be fooled! There are twists around every corner. Great characters! Hammon has a way of turning everything upside down.” — DLloyd

Mad Dog is the second book in Ninie Hammon’s new series, Nowhere, USA, a riveting psychological thriller about the residents of a forgotten county that inexplicably sinks through reality to find itself in the middle of Nowhere.

Fans of Justified, Under The Dome, and LOST will find themselves right at home in Nowhere USA.